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When disaster strikes and you are in need of emergency electrical work, don’t wait until tomorrow for the help you need now. Our PowerTech electrical team is here to help 24/7 with any emergency problems your Durham home or business is affected by. Whether you have a power outage due to a tree fall, lightning strike, storm, or hurricane, our team is standing by to get to work repairing the damage. If you are in need of an emergency electrician at your Durham home or business, call our team at 919-794-1650 and let us get to work restoring power to your property.



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Hurricane Electrical Damage Repair


North Carolina, and Durham, are wonderful places to live. One of the risks to living in our state, however, is the danger of NC Hurricane Season. With any big storm, electrical problems from falling trees, flood waters, lightning, and more are sure to result. With a hurricane, these problems are multiplied and intensified. As with recent Hurricane Florence and previous storms like Matthew and Fran, electrical problems are very problem after a major Hurricane. Winds damage exterior lighting and electrical panels, and flooding or falling trees can destroy interior electrical systems as well.


If you are worried about potential damage to your home from future storms, we can also help with preventative maintenance and installation of protective equipment at your property. If you are suffering from electrical problems as a result of a Hurricane or major storm, call our PowerTech team at 919-794-1650. We are standing by 24/7 to get to work repairing your home or business and get you back on your feet!


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Lighting Strike Electrical Damage Repair


Hopefully you never have to witness a lighting strike from up close. This rare event can be incredibly dangerous and destructive to the electrical systems of a home or business, damaging wiring and potentially starting fires. While it is rare for lightning to strike a home specifically, damage from strikes near the house is common. Electricity from nearby lightning strikes can travel into your property through pipes or wires in the ground and cause serious damage. If you have experienced electrical damage from a lightning strike, we can help. Our PowerTech team can also help you protect your home or business from potential lightning strikes or electrical surges with protective equipment and quality preventative maintenance. Call our squad at 919-794-1650 and let us get to work for your today!


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Flood Electrical Damage Repair


If you have lives in Durham or the Triangle for some time, especially through a Hurricane season, you have likely experienced the flooding that is common in our state after heavy rainfall. When your home or business is flooded, it can cause serious damage to the electrical system at your property. Wiring, electrical panels, electrical devices, and more can all be seriously damaged by flood water, sometimes without showing any visible indication.


If you have electrical damage as a result of flooding from a hurricane or major storm, contact our team. With over 10 years of experience and offering 24/7 help, we are you go-to guys for emergency electrical help in Durham. Call us at 919-794-1650 and let us get to work repairing your home or business now!


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Locally owned and operated and with over 10 years experience in Durham, we are your go-to team for emergency electrical work at your home or business. Whether you need emergency repairs or want to install preventative equipment to protect your property from future damage, our team can help. Call 919-794-1650 to speak to us today and let us get to work getting your home or business back to full operation!

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